Magic The Gathering Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Collector Booster Box

Magic The Gathering Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Collector Booster Box

  • $488.88

Magic is headed to a world filled with epic monsters, so we partnered with the Toho Corporation and its iconic monsters such as Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.

Commander Cards

Commander decks are debuting for the first time alongside a set's release with Ikoria. A lot of cards get their first printing in those decks, and we're making them available in Collector Boosters to give players another way to get them.

Ikoria Showcase Cards

Ikoria's showcase cards play off the emotion and energy conveyed by Ikoria's monsters—not even the frame would be enough to contain the these mutants!

Each display contains 12 Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Collector Booster packs.

Booster Pack Contents:

6 foil commons/uncommons

1 foil basic land

1 Commander-focused card

1 non-foil extended art rare/mythic rare

1 foil rare/mythic rare

2 non-foil showcase commons/uncommons

1 non-foil showcase rare/mythic rare or borderless planeswalker

1 non-foil alt-art Godzilla Series Monster card*

1 foil showcases or borderless planeswalkers

1 premium token

*Japanese exclusive Godzilla Series Monsters only appear in Japanese Collector Boosters. They do not appear in EN/FR Collector Boosters. THIS IS NOT A JAPANESE COLLECTOR BOOSTER DISPLAY

(Note - image may vary slightly to actual received item)

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