Funko POP! Condition Policy

Being collectors, we all know that the condition of your POP!s can vary from poor to minty mint. This can be due to several reasons, from the fact that the item has been vaulted and is no longer sourced from wholesalers meaning it has been in the open market or in another collectors hands through to poor packaging placements by Funko packers/manufacturers themselves.

At CollectorsCode we endeavour to deliver high quality items, including boxes, although can make no guarantees as to the condition of some of the items due to the above mentioned reasons. If an item/s are damaged more than deemed acceptable, this should be listed on the individual product page. This can occur with common, or sometimes harder to acquire items like vaulted or chases. Some chased come with blemishes or box mishaps at the packing stage when they were produced, that is completely out of our control, and due to the limited release of chases it is sometimes difficult to acquire replacement boxes - so please do not ask as we have already tried to replace before shipping out these items. 

Overall, our company policy on Funko POP Vinyls is as below:

Funko POP Vinyls are a mass produced consumer toy product manufactured in various parts of the world at the discretion of Funko. As such, they have their own quality control in place with these manufacturers to meet their own internal strict guidelines. When these items get to us, as an end consumer facing business, we also look over and check these items to ensure correct and in good condition and discard or process replacement requests with the licensed distributor/s. 

Being a mass produced item, there are variations to the end delivered product which may include, but not limited to, creases or scuff marks in the packaging (boxes), paint or colour variations, sticker variations or exclusions etc etc Both on the box and the product itself. These are considered minor variations and are passable through funkos own Quality Control processes. Keeping in mind that the packaging of these products are for the purposes of getting said product (POP!) from manufacturer to end consumer and to protect the product within the packaging as well as to assist the retailer and Funko to promote the items within the packaging, the collectable POP! itself. 

These products have passed Funkos Quality Control requirements and a they have been deemed fit for resell purposes, we at CollectorsCode will not refund items that have minor variations as described, although not limited to, above. Our reasoning behind this is that each persons view of mint or pristine is subjective and varies from collector to collector. 

Overall, we at CollectorsCode have been in the collectors world for over 28 years in some way and always strive to deliver a product that we would be happy to have on our own displays at home and should you have a particular requirement to packaging, we advise to come into our store and pick one up in person in order to ensure you receive exactly as you desire. 

Thanks, any queries please do not hesitate to contact us to have a chat.