About Chases & Inserts

Funko | Chases

Now, lets discuss the all elusive chase' and how we at CollectorsCode handle these special inclusions in certain Funko releases of POP!s...

We handle them several ways, and will do our best to give you some insight into this process below, although it is not an all encompassing ruling and is an oversight into out processes internally.

Random Distribution: Our first and foremost method of distribution is to our loyal network of regular buyers. This works in a simple and random fashion of people that pre-purchase POP! releases from us and are allocated by pure chance (as we pick the item) to fulfil the pre-purchases. Example: We pre-sell 12 common POP!'s of a POP! that has a chase 1:6 - this would allow us to open 2 complete boxes, which in theory should (although is still reliant on Funkos process) provide 2 chases of which we will distribute randomly both of those 2 chases to 2 of the 12 pre-purchases NO QUESTIONS ASKED although is completely random. 

In Store Purchase: We also unpack, providing they have not all been pre-sold, a certain quantity of cases and place onto our shelves in the store. Amongst this stock can be a random CHASE hidden on the shelf and sold at normal retail pricing. This happens less than more often as most of our items presell and the remaining stock from pre-sells ends up on the shelves... 

Business Bought Chases and Stock: Of the above, we also buy a certain quantity of stock to either a) hold or b) offer to our clients that do not have the opportunity to buy @ retail and wish to merely purchase the chases at a premium price. Yes, some consider this flipping, although being a business we need to endeavour to cater for ALL OUR CLIENTS both those wanting to 'find' and take the chance of a random allocation of a chase and those that really want to secure a chase at a price.

This process and rule set has proven a difficult area for us to navigate, and after a few trials and errors we have found this to be the fairest of them all in order to cater for each type of client that we assist on a regular basis. 


Trading Cards | Inserts 

This is another area we face many insert challenges. Again we buy stock to sell in case format, box format and then some we chance and break to facilitate making complete sets and 'find' random inserts to offer to the market. 


We are always happy to discuss this, feel free to raise it when you come in or calling us.