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Posted by Jason Ramage on

Howdy all, just a quick note, as most of you were aware it was the official buy out of the ECCC - Emerald City Comic Con - POP!s for Australia this morning at 9am.... Well, they are SOLD OUT from wholesalers and ANY that were ordered are now on allocation.

Allocation from the wholesaler basically means they will portion out what is left to outstanding orders. This then also means there is no guarantee on quantities until they finalise this.

So, ours online have SOLD OUT completely now as well for what we had available and maybe, just maybe these may be replenished in some way although we will not know until next week sometime.

Apologies, although keep your eyes peeled here and elsewhere for yours.. We are running a list for first in first out for anything additional we receive from our remaining orders - message us if you want your name on the list - no guarantees are offered though.

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